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The Hiring Zone
Issue #11242 - September 2019 | Page #84
By Thomas McAnally

Sitting in my Home Office, after 27 years of working from home, I get it. The perks that come with working from home are great and the freedoms that come with it are priceless. There are downsides too. If you haven’t worked from home long term, I will just say that I hope your positives outweigh the negatives. I am lucky to say mine do.

Personally, I set a rule early on. I am going to work, so 2 miles or two steps makes no difference. Work starts at a set time each morning. I am sitting here now wearing a polo shirt and Dockers, as I do most every day and did back in the day when I worked for a living at a real company.

My office is a spare bedroom that was designed in the beginning to be a home office. Ceramic tile flooring makes rolling from desk to credenza a breeze. Still, it is technically a bedroom, so a ceiling fan with cute light bulbs was just a starting point. Pop out the candle bulbs and insert 3 x 100-watt equivalent LEDs and life is good!

So, what’s my set-up for The JobLine/Component Manufacturing Advertiser?


  • 60” adjustable height desk
  • IBM ThinkCenter desktop
  • 3 monitors, covering all of the 60” width
  • Epson sheet fed scanner
  • HP Office Jet Pro 8600 (old) printer
  • And a few more trinkets/toys.


  • Another 60” desk with upper cabinets and lots of storage
  • Microsoft Surface Pro for times the big machine is down
  • Bose speakers
  • Staples shredder.

Internet and communications:

  • Comcast cable internet – business speed
  • Cat 5 to the desktop and printer
  • TP-Link wireless router
  • Version Wireless phone and JetPack hot spot for when the internet is down
  • Cel-FI GO X cell signal booster and two indoor antennas.


  • Miller Air Chair (bought used 7 years ago and still like new) – Highly recommend it!

My office didn’t happen overnight. There were many iterations before today’s version. Though I am sure that it will change in the future, I’m comfortable, productive, and happy with the overall feel that this set-up provides. What about you? Do you have a great home office? Efficient or extravagant? Large or small? Send us your story and a few pictures to show how you do it!

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