“Should I Stay or Should I Go”

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Issue #11243 - October 2019 | Page #14
By Chris Scott

It was June 1982 and The Clash released the hit song, “Should I Stay or Should I Go,”— now it’s October 2019 and once again you find yourself asking, should I stay or should I go to the BCMC in Columbus, Ohio. As you’re humming that song for the rest of this article, let me give you some reasons why Spida USA will make the trip well worth your time.

Every process starts with a saw and, since your process is unique to your operation, you need flexibility and options. Whether it’s a manual saw operation that needs improving by adding a rapid stop and plate marker or if you’re ready to take the next step and upgrade to a more automated saw setup, we got you covered. This year, we will be showcasing the Spida Peacemaker, which is the automated truss saw that you need to cut and mark all your truss members. The price tag on this will be a must see!

Pre fab walls continue to grow and be a hot topic. Times are changing and labor is an issue, steps must be taken to reduce costs and lean out processes with less people. The Spida Extruder wall panel line with automatic sheathing table will have a massive impact on your operation. Whether you are looking to purchase a whole line or start small with just a few pieces, we can help jump start your wall panel process for the future.

You can’t forget about floors and trusses. We got you covered on solid manual tables and stackers that will be work horses for years. For those who are looking to push the automation, we got PLCs for all tables and stackers that will provide you with more options and flexibility. We also will be displaying the Spida Jig-it CNC auto puck system.

So, for the first time since the question was asked back in 1982, let’s go ahead and just decide to go! BCMC 2019 in Columbus, Ohio is going to be a show well worth attending — drop by booth #1401 and see the Spida USA team.

Chris Scott

Author: Chris Scott

Square 1 Design and Manufacture /Spida Machinery

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