The Value of a Dollar

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Issue #12251 - June 2020 | Page #15
By Sean Hubbard

Decades ago, I learned the value of a dollar as many of us did from our parents and grandparents. At that time, our industry was predominately family businesses. I don’t recall discussing age, however as we grow older, age is simply a number. That was never more evident in our family business. I can recall the days that we machined 18” and 24” rolls with a lathe built during World War II. Leather belts were hand laced and used to turn the spindle via the motor. We had three speeds back then.

Industry wide, market saturation for trusses is at an all-time high and truss manufacturing equipment continues to age, not unlike the equipment I once used from the war. The equipment remains entirely capable of manufacturing trusses, even though it may not be the best or most productive. Our society today is a bit different than it was then, but business owners and managers still value a dollar. The equipment may have decades of use and may have run more miles than humanly possible, but it continues to produce trusses day in and day out. Back then, nearly a decade after rebuilding that lathe, I replaced it with a new model that is far more efficient and requires much less maintenance. Similarly, Gantry Roller Presses have produced trusses for 40 years or more. And time has taken a toll on them, as they’ve built houses and barns and structures that will also be passed from generation to generation.

At Spida Machinery, we continue to value the dollar as we work to bring you cost-effective and efficient machinery to support your business. That is why we have developed the Universal Fit Gantry, which has been expressly designed to fit on your existing roof truss line. We have designed this gantry roller to replace the countless gantries with cast end frames previously manufactured by the likes of Tee-Lok, MiTek, Alpine, Rand, and possibly others! Because of this design, our unit will fit almost all existing tracked roof truss systems previously produced with a center rail spacing of 15’-¾”. Not only does it fit the track spacing, but it should fit the same electrical requirements that exist in its current space too, meaning the Universal Fit Gantry is virtually a “drop-in” replacement that can both increase production and reduce maintenance.

More information is available, please call or email Spida USA to discuss your options today: or call +1 866 647 7771.

Sean Hubbard

Author: Sean Hubbard

Square 1 Design & Manufacture / Spida Machinery

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