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Issue #12250 - May 2020 | Page #60
By Tracy Roe

This month, we’re continuing our series on better tools for wall panel design and exploring our Break/Review process. Walls are just walls until they are broken into PANELS. Similar to the way trusses are just profiles until they are designed, the same is true for walls. Beginning with wall input, continuing to subcomponents and components, and even sheathing and blocking, we then must break the walls into panels. With the all-new TrueBuild® Layout with Panels, this task couldn’t be more intuitive. Designed for efficiency from the ground up, let’s look at some of the key features in Break/Review. [For images, See PDF or View in Full Issue]

Break/Review “walks” you around the model in the sequence of input or allows the user to choose walls on the fly. The plate view above prompts when breaks are required based on user-defined parameters. The current wall is highlighted in the plan view for reference. All colors and parameters are easily customized using the property grid.

Easily view the panels in parametric 3D on the same split screen or move to an additional monitor. Spin, zoom, or magnify for an accurate view of the panel and all details. Easily break walls into panels, add or adjust components and subcomponents, and even correct interference. Break/Review is an essential step in making sure your wall panels are efficiently designed not only for your plant but also for the installer.

From the simplest building to multi-unit high density projects, these tools will make the design process more efficient. Looking forward to next month, we will tackle Job Edit, and then we’ll also cover some really great Bundling features later this summer. All of these tools are designed to help ensure that Truebuild® Layout with Panel Design, the most advanced panel design software to hit the market in decades, will provide your design team with complete model control and previously unavailable features at their fingertips.

As always, if you have any questions before, during, or after this series, please contact us via email or visit Let us empower you to build more.

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