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Issue #12250 - May 2020 | Page #15
By Wendy Boyd

In the wake of troubled times, I’m filled with hope and renewed energy as I review the month that was and all of the things that have been accomplished for Spida Machinery worldwide.

Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand.

While the last month has presented itself in varying degrees, Spida internationally has looked inward to assess what we can do better. What we have learned from our own introspection is that engineering and machinery development is in our blood. In fact, generations of experts, our fathers and grandfathers, have produced or been part of producing some of the machinery being used today around the world. Klaisler and Spida have been part and parcel of the fabric of the frame, truss, and component machinery and mechanics – and as little boys and girls, we watched in awe and sometimes worked on the machinery in your and our factories.

Now, the new path that we walk and the new avenues for our business include these goals.

One: Lean Manufacture

Doing things smarter and better is a learning curve, even though many businesses, Spida included, sometimes think they have it just right. From the top to the very bottom, everyone in the process benefits from a lean thinking approach. Individual efficiency is no longer the goal. The end goal has become improved flow right from the start of your process to the end. Spida too has begun planning for a leaner, smarter future. It is a work in progress with lots of learning to be done, but we are talking with experts in the field and we will strive to succeed. Our mantra is: To minimize waste and maximize efficiency, and to make sure our effort is sustainable.

Two: Software Efficiency

All three of our manufacturing sites now have installed two new pieces of software for efficient production, job costing, inventory, and accounting. That means, we now all speak the same language in our network, and this provides us with a rich global, front to back-end operational and accounting system for those of us doing stock sales, manufacturing, jobbing, etc. Now more than ever, we are ready for anything. This has been such a learning curve for our team, but the team has been bullet proof in their resolve to implement and succeed. We are 95% there and operationally we are richer for it.

Three: Strategically Planning for the Future

The future of manufacturing is such a crystal ball equation. Based on what we know, our continual hurdle of a constantly moving labor force means that there is a full-time job for someone to manage sick days, holidays, job transition, training, and recruiting, even without all of the other factory, supply, and manufacturing challenges. Both we and our customers face these challenges on a daily basis.

Over the last few years, we have introduced our leaner framing lines, allowing the factory to repurpose some of those frame line workers elsewhere and often exceeding expectations with output (linear feet per man/per hour), achieving increased productivity and increased revenue. With our wall extruder, frame line, sheathing line, squaring tables, etc., we have some of the most innovative and quality-built machinery on the market. We always partner with our customers to provide an absolute fit for their new machinery requirements, because we love to provide what you need.

Reinventing and renewing a truss factory’s old press table with the latest automated puck positioning system, compatible with any software, means your search for new automation within an existing table at a realistic price ends with a Jig-It machinery retro-fit option from Spida. As always, new tables and new presses, both large and small, built to your requirements or straight off the shelf, are our continued offer to the truss market.

Linear saws are again the most productive piece of equipment for your cutting needs. From our most high-end saws, the PieceMaker and the Tornado, to our most basic cutting equipment, the wants of the truss plant are taken into consideration as we plan with you and suit your requirements. With a safety standard that is unsurpassed and a price tag that meets the needs of our customer/partners, we look closely at your requirements and develop accordingly.

Lock-down for all of us around the world has been hard to watch and harder to experience. But, we are looking forward to the week ahead, where another of our manufacturing facilities comes back to production and the cogs start turning again. The plans are well underway and we are so excited.

Reach out to us if you would like to discuss any or all of the machinery opportunities that we can provide. From Spida to you: Stay safe, stay well, and take care.

Wendy Boyd

Author: Wendy Boyd

Sales and Marketing Manager, Spida Machinery

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