Stacking Trusses and Frames Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

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Issue #11243 - October 2019 | Page #58
By Ed Serrano

Sometimes our industry needs a bit of a shake up! Going from strength to strength, VektaUSA has once again turned heads—this time with a new, straight forward, compact, easy to use and practical solution for stacking trusses and wall frames! The tried and proven Stakpro product line has been used overseas for many years with nearly 200 booms in operation today. VektaUSA is proud to announce that these solutions, which are truly loved ‘down under’ are now being manufactured in the USA!

Scherer Brothers Truss Manufacturing was so impressed with their first set of Stakpro Truss booms that they decided to put in a second set shortly after. Here’s why:

“The StakPro design offers many advantages over other stacking equipment which we find appealing. Their compact footprint makes for easy installation among existing outdoor rollers, their modular design allows them to be placed in whatever manner best accommodates a truss plant’s product mix and the wireless remote control is very intuitive and easy to learn.”

“The StakPros bring benefits to our truss plant primarily in the areas of efficiency and safety. Using them to move our finished trusses off the outdoor rollers to the location they’re stacked and banded means far less potential for injury by our stacking team compared with manually carrying them. And their capacity to handle our largest trusses means we can perform all stacking operations with minimal staff; no longer needing to interrupt our assembly teams for assistance in carrying the heaviest, largest trusses. This keeps production moving by our build teams staying at the tables.”

“Lastly, VektaUSA has performed exceedingly well in terms of support, service and responsiveness. They’ve consistently provided a prompt response to our inquiries and when necessary have sent experienced, qualified technicians to assist with installation, training or any follow-up visits as needed. They have a great team that truly wants not only their products, but their customers to succeed as well.”

“VektaUSA clearly put a lot of thought into the design of their StakPro product line, and we’ve been extremely pleased with them at our truss plant.” Tom Bishop, Operations Manager, Scherer Bros. Truss Manufacturing, Albertville, MN

The Stakpro Truss booms can be configured for stacking trusses directly from a pedestal jig setup (configured for an ultra-low profile when fully collapsed) or, more commonly, coming down a roller line. These booms can also be complemented with a Vekta ‘Smart Roller Conveyor’ that automatically tracks and positions trusses for stacking. Not impressed yet? How about a Vekta ‘Truss Transfer’ to easily move finished stacks of trusses out away from the roller line to make room for a new stack of trusses to be started while the last stack is strapped and taken away? The entire system integrates beautifully with the Stakpro Truss system and is controlled with one remote control pendant.

The Stakpro Frame product line is designed to safely and efficiently stack your finished wall frames. There are two versions available—a Standard version that is used for open frames and a Heavy Duty version that is designed to take much heavier loads, typically found when stacking closed panels.

Like the Truss version, the Stakpro Frame product line is controlled with a remote control pendant. However, for those who want to take it a step further, Vekta also offers increased levels of automation that can reduce or eliminate the need for even the pendant!

Want to learn more? Send Vekta an email ( or come see us at the BCMC this year, Booth #1232. You won’t be disappointed!

Ed Serrano

Author: Ed Serrano

Managing Director, Vekta Automation

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