Rethinking a Linear Saw Linked to Two Workstations

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Issue #12250 - May 2020 | Page #48
By Todd Drummond

It seems some people are upset that I made such a public statement with my latest advertisement – “Pairing a Linear Saw with Two Workstations with Each Having Two Assemblers will Cost Your Company Millions in Lost Net Profits.”

Specifically, I’m talking about linking linear saws directly to an auto-puck gantry table with four assemblers as being a huge net loss for net profits. I stand by this statement, because the data is so clear it is not even close.

Making tough decisions for capital investments, such as equipment and software, can be difficult at times. In order to help ease the decision process, most will look to their current vendor with whom they have built a trusting relationship. But that relationship may not provide the best advice.

Here is one example. (A client statement to TDC during a consultation) Client, “Todd, my competition is investing in the linear saw linked to their auto-puck gantry tables this year. He was told it would save him a great deal of labor, and his BF per man-hour would jump significantly.” TDC, “Well, before I answer this, how do you know your competition is investing in that system?” Client, “We have the same vendor, and the salesman told me about it. Although he told me to keep it in confidence because he is not supposed to tell anyone, especially us.” TDC, “So it looks like he (vendor salesman) is trying to pressure you into this expensive system because your competition is doing it?” Client, “Oh hell yes. I now know not to trust him with anything I consider confidential.” TDC, “Well, to be honest, I am sorry your vendor with whom you have built what you thought was a trusting relationship is not as it appeared. Lesson learned, but the truth about the linear saw linked directly to the auto-puck gantry tables is it will cost your company millions in lost net profits. The BF per man-hour numbers are a red herring. Also, the labor savings promised are not even close to what they appear to be, and I can prove it. Here, let me show you the data which you can verify within your current operations without the direct linked linear saw setup.”

The just-in-time principle of the lean manufacturing toolbox is often used as part of the justification for linking the linear saw to the auto-puck gantry table. On the surface, it makes sense. Only cut and provide the lumber when it is actually needed. But the just-in-time principle is, without a doubt, the most misunderstood and misapplied principle in the lean toolbox. Please garner more understanding of all the principles in the lean manufacturing toolbox before you misapply any specific lean principle.

The data that proves my statement about losing millions in net profits for the linear saw linked to the auto-puck gantry tables is only given to TDC clients. This data is so clear that, in most existing operations that have invested in a linear saw linked directly to the gantry tables for two workstations, it should be removed. Please let me remind you that TDC does not make any commission for any equipment recommendations. TDC has nothing to gain by alienating any equipment or software vendor with advisement that will conflict with what is their relationship with any CM. Which vendor a company chooses to do business with is none of TDC’s concern. TDC’s only concern is to provide the most accurate and up to date information to make the client more profitable.

When you want more than hype, TDC is your best source for learning about the very best and latest practices to keep your company competitive. Change that usually takes months and years can be accomplished in weeks and months with TDC’s assistance. The implementation of the suggestions produces an average gain of three to six points in net profits. TDC has proven real-world expertise that goes far beyond what many expect and has provided consulting services for well over a hundred clients—using proven and practical lean manufacturing best practices combined with industrial engineering principles that include refined time standard man-minutes for truss manufacturing. So, before you buy equipment, get TDC’s advice! TDC does not receive referral fees from any equipment or plate vendors, and you can trust TDC for unbiased vendor and equipment recommendations shaped only by customer experiences. Please don’t take my word about TDC’s services, though. Read the public testimonials many current and past clients with decades of expertise and experience have been willing to give:


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